Kib 2 : Kib Me in the Loop

Fresh faced teenage Kib showed up with zero make up but with long, loose feminine silky hair. It's amazing how little some boys have to do to look like a sexy girl that screams fuck me. Kib loves receiving dick up her ass, you can tell by the way she keeps biting her lip and moans, it's pleasure even though it hurts. Either that or she should become an actress. Kib told me she hasn't had that many boys entering her wonderful tight little cave up until then and she wasn't sure if she was sexy enough. I blasted as much cum as I could all over her to convince her she is the opposite of she sees herself as. She felt sexy and started playing with her oversized nipples. Due to new equipment I had a hard time shooting this session and it looks dark and grainy, but rest assured, I will get her back for more after I manage to work out my technical difficulties.